Q. What colours are available ?
A. Graphic Glass offers a comprehensive range of over 700 colours, including flat opaque, metallic, pearls and sparkle finishes. We also offer a colour matching service
Q. Can samples be viewed?
A. Yes, visit our showroom at Unit D – 138 Plunket Avenue, Manukau; or contact our offices and request a colour of choice from a popular fan deck and we will dispatch a suitable colour as soon as possible. If you prefer to stop in at the Home Ideas Centre on The Strand, Parnell, you will also find our most popular standard colours available.
Q. What type of Glass is used?
A. The Graphic Glass coating system can be applied to virtually any type of glass. For wall lining applications such as splash backs, we use 5mm low iron glass (annealed or toughened) this allows us to get the best accuracy with colour.
Q. How is Graphic Glass fixed to the wall?
A. Our panels can be fixed with concealed fixings such as adhesives and tapes, or by a wide range of attractive stainless steel mechanical fixings, depending on your requirements.
Q. How does one obtain a price for Graphic Glass?
A. Due to the complexity of pricing with so many variables, the best solution is to simply fax or email our office with a sketch showing dimensions and special requirements such as edgework, power-points and installation etc and we will return a firm quote to you immediately.
Q. Is Graphic Glass backed up with a warranty?
A. Yes, we offer a 10-year warrantee against the coatings delaminating from the glass.