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Getting corporate with graphic glass

printed graphic glass meeting room

Decorative glass is turning up in the most non-traditional of spaces, both in commercial, corporate and residential settings with vivid designs through the use of advanced technology.

Glass has been used for centuries as both a decorative and a functional material, but its use is developing rapidly with continued innovations in technology. Now, glass is being specified for applications that would not have been possible even a few years ago.

In the modern office environment, corporate image and branding is everything. It is in commercial settings where, perhaps, glass is seeing the most potential and expansion in use.

Graphic Glass’ Krista says glass is the choice for many different applications now, but particularly for customised glass whiteboards and office partitions.

“We’re seeing companies looking at different ways to achieve unique and customised design solutions for office environments. One of those is by utilising glass technology to create whiteboards in company colours or with their branding,” Krista says. “We’re also seeing office designs incorporating the use of bespoke glass partitions and feature walls.”

Painted, textured and printed glass is a way to add a visual aspect to corporate spaces as it can create the illusion of a bigger space, and it adds an interesting visual feature. “Especially with printed glass, the graphics and high resolution that can be achieved with our printing technology is a fantastic way to personalize any space whether it be commercial or residential.”

Whether that’s by incorporating an image of a native bush or an alpine scene to create that indoor outdoor flow, the possibilities are endless.

If it’s simply a splash of colour to add a visual feature to a room or space, again, the possibilities are unlimited. Graphic Glass provides an in-house colour matching service, which can achieve extensive results.

“We get all sorts of requests. We’ve had a client come in with a bottle of Bombay Sapphire gin and asked us to create a glass feature in the same colour as the bottle. In the same respect, we have companies who want their logo or branding on a glass feature. As we have an in-house colour matching service, we don’t offer a palette of colours. Each colour is mixed for the individual to suit bespoke requirements,” Krista says.

Residentially too, the use of glass is evolving. Instead of just the traditional uses for applications like kitchen splashbacks, Krista says glass is now being used as an artistic feature.

“Since glass is such a versatile product, it makes for a low maintenance, durable and effective material, which is part of the reason it is becoming more popular.”

Whether it’s a set of branded coasters, a vivid office partition, or feature wall in the home, art on glass is something to be considered.

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